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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Some New Links

Not ready with today's "33 Days" installment, yet. But I thought I'd point out some new links I've added to my blogroll. I suspect that I'll have to go through hoops to retain my links and other modifications (like the JavaScript I wrote for the "Read More" feature I use on longer/more-explicit posts) when I upgrade to the new formatting engine. Better to get as much of this in one place as I can, before I have to start hacking on the templates with the proverbial blowtorch and pliers.

  • Bad Bad Girl - Sweet Jesus, part of me is sure women like this only exist in fevered dreams and/or mainstream porn (I mean, look at the URL). But she seems real-enough, and since it's not like I'd ever meet her in person anyway, it's real-enough to keep reading. But hey, DDG? If you're ever in the bay area, call me?
  • Gracie's Playground - Just as hot, it seems, as BBG. And kinkier in some ways. She has a story of being fucked hard and rough in the bathtub that just about ended the whole "33 Days" experiment for me.
  • How About Now? - Intriguing blog by a woman who's recently taken to escorting. I'm smitten with the attitude she puts across.
  • The MILF Blog - Co-run by BBG and a friend of hers that I'll probably end up adding to the roll soon-ish. Toy reviews, hot talk, from extremely hot MILFs.
  • Retrofap - Mmmm... vintage porn, Russ Meyer starlets, Bettie Page. Hasn't updated much very recently, hope that changes.

I've also added a link to Sugasm, long past due. And one you all might be interested in... www.xxxuploads.com. Tons of user-uploaded videos that actually work in Firefox under Linux! No more having to reboot the laptop to WinXP to look at the porn! YAY! I don't have it linked on the sidebar (might, later), but I enjoyed it so much last night I just had to share. It's got all the Web2.0 buzz-features... tagging, user account that keeps track of your favorites, ratings-system clearly sprinkled with AJAXy goodness. And, like most YouTube-come-latelys, a lot of lame content. But it's also got some amazing content, as well. I may link to some of my favorites in the future. When I dare visit it again, that is.

Seriously-- between the porn and the new blogs, I've only barely kept my promise to myself. I'm going to have to avoid the video site until I finish the 33 days.


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  • hi D, women like BBG and i do exist and to make it even more interesting B and i chit chat from time to time.

    yes pervy women are out there. we are the ones with the sticks that are not shoved in our asses because we would much rather have a cock in there instead. but when there is no cock...

    thanks for the link. i will reciprocate. good luck with whatever it is you are doing. are you trying to keep from masturbating? what fun is that? all though i am a big fan of withholding to get that intense release.


    By Blogger Gracie, at Thursday, February 01, 2007 8:44:00 PM  

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