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Friday, March 04, 2005

Birthday Boobies

Recall me mentioning previously that I just had my 37th birthday. Well, I was out with friends for a late dinner last night (the actual day), and they had found out. So they "arranged" something with the restaurant.

I'm usually one of the first to leave, but when I paid my tab I was told by the manager that I couldn't leave yet-- I needed to sit back down. It was pretty obvious where this was going, so I meekly went and plopped down. A few minutes later, out comes the birthday dessert treat. I'm expecting cake. Maybe cake and ice cream, or even a piece of cheesecake.


I get two healthy-sized scoops of vanilla ice cream, completely covered in whipped cream, side-by-side, each with a little marischino cherry on the tip. A candle was anchored in each cherry. And the whipped cream, besides covering the scoops, also extended in little lines up from each scoop, to the edge of the plate. Like spaghetti straps to a top, or a bikini. Or a bra.

I got ice cream breasts for my birthday, with a whipped cream bra. Of course, the nipples were outside the bra, but we won't pick nits. They probably picked vanilla because I'm caucasian, and the implications of chocolate ice cream weren't anything they wanted to deal with. :-)


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