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Monday, June 13, 2005

Aprés Party

Well, this party sure made up for the rough time I'd had the last of these parties I went to. There were a ton of people there, in a deliciously wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. The snacks were tasty, the jacuzzi was toasty. And there were three floors' worth of debauchery to sample. The rest is behind the cut (in the name of preserving peoples' sensitivities).

Well, as they say, start at the beginning. We got to the area in SF about 10 past 8:00PM, the official starting time. But set-up was running a little behind, so people were clumped outside waiting to get in. My guest for the evening saw someone she knew would be there, but who didn't know she was even into this sort of party, let alone planning to attend. I think his look of surprise (and full-length blush) made her evening-- even if nothing else happened that evening, she would have been happy.

We ended up having to wander around to find a bathroom, because the line to get in could only move so fast (the clothes-check area fast becomes a bottleneck). We managed to get in right about 9:00. We changed; me into a pair of leather briefs, her into a black lace teddy and black stockings. Mrrroww. Along the way, we ran into the person who first brought me into these parties. She was surprised to see me, since I hadn't been in over two years. She was almost literally speechless. Even moreso when she realized my date was someone she'd been talking to in e-mail about the party just the day before. We went to get munchies, and I showed her around the facility.

For the first hour or so, we just hung out and chilled. Spent some time in the jacuzzi talking to interesting people. Wandered around, watching others play. But after a bit, we decided we'd had enough spectating. One of the levels has a number of simple mattresses scatter at various places. We found an unoccupied one and staked claim. It was a lot like where we're together her at my place, only with people wandering around us. She got to see first-hand the smoothness of the freshly-shaven sac. I think I'm going to keep this practice up-- she went after the twins like I would never have guessed. After a good bit of that, she went to work on my tool itself, but I was in the mood for something a little different. She's really responsive to being worked over with my fingers, if I do it the right way (gauging her mood and arousal at the moment). And she gets loud. Wonderfully, deliciously loud. So I pulled her up so we were face-to-face, and we started just kissing and caressing. I worked my hand down, and she knew what I was after. She had no argument at all, lemme tell ya. When I manage to get the rhythm just right with her level of excitement, she can easily go two or three times in rapid succession.

So, as you may guess, we had drawn a small crowd by this time.

After she had a couple, we slowed down and cuddled for a bit, just enjoying the warmth. She rolled me over on my back and started in with her mouth again. This time, though, a lovely black couple came up and asked if she minded if the woman touched her while she was going down on me? Why, not at all! Go right ahead! So I'm watching as she's being caressed all around her ass and lower back, while she's still working me over. Then the man asked if I minded if he played/sucked on my nipples while all this was going on? Why, go right ahead! Eventually, we transitions so that my date and I were laying back while the woman ate her out, and the man was blowing me. Then I realized something dreadful...

I wasn't anywhere near getting an erection. What's that old saying?

What's the difference between anxiety and panic? Anxiety is the first time you can't do it a second time. Panic is the second time you can't do it a first time.

I don't know what the issue was-- it could have been at least partly due to the fact that I'd had a really bad experience at this party the previous time I'd been. Part of it was probably nerves and self-consciousness with all the people watching. But for the duration of the evening, I never got past half-hard. And there was some seriously-hot action going on.

There was this redhead, wearing these amazing shiny black leather go-go boots. With them, she was eye-to-eye with me (I'm 6'4"). She said that she's naturally 5'11". And she had a great body. She was doing a three-way with her date and another guy. She looks amazingly beautiful when she came. Next to them, a man was on his back as his partner rode him to one orgasm after another. She was a screamer, too, and you had no doubt how much she was enjoying the man underneath her. Another couple nearby consisted of a man and a pre-op transsexual. After she rode him for a while, they spent time with her laying back as he went down on her (yes, a fully-functional pre-op, which I also have a bit of a fetish for). There were some hard-core BDSM players, people who clearing have been handling whips and floggers for as long as I've been handling a keyboard (or anything else, for that matter).

Pretty much sex everywhere you looked. Which was the whole point of the party. My date also got to play with some other people (after all, what's the point of going to a party like this and only playing with the same person you arrived with-- we could have done that without driving 50 miles each way). The party organizers provide condoms, gloves, saran wrap and lube. People are free to go wild for the whole time. Probabaly the hottest thing I got to watch was a man laying on his back, his partner on top of him cowgirl-style. She was also using a vibrator on her clit (one of the big muscle-massager varieties, not the dinky little dildo one). Another man was playing with her breasts, and the same black woman who had eaten out my date earlier in the evening had her face down under the woman, licking her while the man fucked her. Man, that was better than any porn I could ever rent.

So, I had a good time. Not as good as I would have, had my body not turned on me. But I have two months before the next party. My date suggests DHEA, though I think I just need to be not as stressed with the day job as I have been (I'll probably try it though, just to be sure). Plus, next time around I won't be looking back on a bad time, I'll be looking back on a better time. And who knows, maybe the redhead will be back, too...


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