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Monday, March 07, 2005

Well I Never! (But I Might Be Persuaded)

I was thinking I wouldn't be able to post today, as I'm sidelined by the most ass-kicking flu bug I've ever had the displeasure of sweating through. It's almost tragic to have this much sweating and muscle aches, with no orgasms to show for it. But just as I was giving up, I found this interesting list on Avatar Socalian's blog. So...

I've never (statements in bold are true):

I've Never Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sex
I've Never Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex
I've Never Crashed A Friend's Car
I've Never Been To Japan
I've Never Been In A Taxi
I've Never Been In Love
I've Never Had Sex In Public
I've Never Been Dumped
I've Never Done Cocaine
I've Never Shoplifted
I've Never Been Fired (I guess getting laid off counts...)
I've Never Been In A Fist Fight
I've Never Had Group Intercourse (3, 4, and more)
I've Never Snuck Out Of My Parents' House (they had night jobs that made it impossible)
I've Never Been Tied Up
I've Never Regretted Having Sex With Someone (Um, hello? Sex addict here, duh...)
I've Never Been Arrested
I've Never Made Out With A Stranger
I've Never Stolen Something From My Job (Oh, the wonderful food-service years)
I've Never Celebrated New Years In Time Square
I've Never Gone On A Blind Date
I've Never Lied To A Friend (I wish this were true, but sometimes it has to be done)
I've Never Had A Crush On A Teacher (I actually didn't, until my French teacher in college)
I've Never Celebrated Mardi Gras In New Orleans
I've Never Been To Europe
I've Never Skipped School
I've Never Slept With A Co-Worker
I've Never Cut Myself On Purpose
I've Never Had Sex At The Office
I've Never Been Married
I've Never Been Divorced
I've Never Had Sex With More Than One Person Within The Same Week (Ha! Try the same night, or the same bed!)
I've Never Posed Nude (I didn't know she'd actually take the picture...)
I've Never Gotten Someone Drunk Just To Have Sex With Them (But I confess to having hoped such would work out a few times)
I've Never Killed Anyone
I've Never Received Scars From My Sex Partner (Do emotional scars count?)
I've Never Thrown Up In A Bar
I've Never Purposely Set A Part Of Myself On Fire
I've Never Eaten Sushi
I've Never Been Snowboarding
I've Never Had Sex At A Friend's House While They Were Throwing A Party
I've Never Had Sex In A Dressing Room
I've Never Flashed Anyone
I've Never Met Anyone From Online

I actually wouldn't mind celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans, one day...




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