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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I (heart) BBCA

I've been TiVo'ing more and more material from BBC America. It started with me using BBCA to get the 4th season of Coupling before it came out on DVD. From there, via commercials for other programs, I also took in Wire in the Blood, and Second Sight (I'm a proud Clive Owen fan ever since Croupier, which I had initially only watched to see Alex Kingston topless). But after those series ran their length, I hadn't been watching BBCA much.

Then Violet made a passing comment about Desperate Housewives being a take on Footballers' Wives, and how the original did it so much better. So I set the TiVo to grab an ep or two, to see for myself. I love the show now, but I think it and DH are more different than alike, but that's not the point.

The point is the other stuff I've begun watching. Mile High looked to be more of a comedy than a drama from the ads, but it's been more dramatic than funny. But it also has loads of boobies, and you can never go wrong with lots of boobies. Bad Girls is another can't-lose proposition: lots of attractive women in prison. It's like Oz meets Sex and the City. Except that there is no humor at all; I guess it's more like the ladies of SatC locked up in Oz, being subjected to abuse. Not that that wouldn't have an appeal all its own.

Mile High and Bad Girls. Joe Bob says, "Check 'em out."




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