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Monday, October 24, 2005

I Declare Mondays for Ass-Blogging

Based on a passing comment of mine, with a vote of support from some readers, I've decided to try and start the tradition of Monday Ass Blogging, to go with Wednesday Cock Blogging and Friday Pussy Blogging. And the best part is that everyone gets to play!

My appreciation of the sexual potential of my ass is not as strong as the potential of my cock. I started to say, "Of course!" at the end of that. But that's not a given for every man, so I don't want to give that wrong impression.

But anyway, back to my story. It was sometime in 1996. I was living in Denver with P (mentioned in the last post). I'd just bought a new Saturn, fresh off the showroom floor. P needed to drive back home to visit family (a drive of about 500 miles or so), so I suggested that she take the new car and leave me with her older one. I'd rather get stuck in or around town, than have her stuck in the middle of rural Colorado.

Her leaving (along with a houseguest we'd been entertaining who was returning with her), meant that I would have the whole house to myself for a few days. And that meant I could pull out the toys and play with myself in a manner I rarely did anymore: I was going to use a medium-sized dildo that was normally P's toy.

So I waited for about an hour after they left, figuring that if anyone forgot anything they'd likely remember within the first 15-30 minutes. I was giving them enough time to get 30 minutes away and still turn back. When they didn't, I went to work.

I took out the toybag we kept in the back of the closet. From it, I took out the dildo I planned to use, and the bottle of lube we kept there. I laid out a bath towel on the bed so that I could be very liberal with it. I don't play with my ass very much, so I always take caution. I planned on using the "give" of the waterbed to help me manipulate the dildo while having a hand free to wank with.

So, I'm set. House to myself, towel spread on the bed, well-lubed dildo starting to ease its way into my ass, and my raging boner in my (also lubed) left hand (yes, I'm a leftie).

I hear the car pull up in the driveway, and multiple doors open and close.

Luckily for me, my bedroom is far from the front door of the house. I have just-enough time to discharge the dildo, wipe myself clean (ass and hands both) and get myself dressed.

P comes bounding in, wide-eyed and shaken. On the interstate, just outside of Denver, some on-coming vehicle had thrown a rock that glanced off the driver's door's window, shattering it. We couldn't get it repaired in time for her to make it home on schedule, so we vacuumed out the glass and covered the opening with plastic sheeting. After a nice cup of hot chocolate (it was March in Denver, still pretty nipply weather), they were ready to head out again. As she walked with me back in the general direction of my room as we hugged and kissed good-bye, she saw for the first time the array of implements on my bed.

She looked me square in the eye with that "you are so busted" look, and asked, "Did we interrupt something?" I just insisted that she get back on the road before it get too late and too cold. She was smirking all the way back to the car.

As for me, alas, the mood had passed.


(Now, faithful readers, go forth and spread the meme! Make Monday Ass-Day!)



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