Diary of An Unrepentant Sex Addict

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Fancy Meeting You Here

Well, it has finally happened. After seven years or so of, ahem, "engaging the services of sex workers", that thing you always dread has happened.

I ran into someone I'd seen professionally, in an ordinary setting.

I was at a store that sells stuff like model trains, radio-control airplanes, etc. I was browsing around, squeezing the last bit of my lunch hour out before returning to the office. I turned down an aisle and saw her. Of course, I didn't recognize her immediately, at first I just thought that I'd run across an attractive woman who seemingly enjoyed the same hobbies I do. Then she looked up and I knew right then who she was (hey, she gives truly amazing head, and I'm orally-fixated... these things impress upon my memory). I looked away immediately and moved to a different aisle. I didn't know if she was there alone or not, but I had no business putting her on the spot (it was clear she had recognized me, too) if there was someone with her. Turns out there was, so it was a good call.

They left a few minutes later. I went ahead and picked up some materials for a project and left, as well. After waiting long-enough to make sure we wouldn't bump into each other in the parking lot. She's too nice of a person to have to worry about stuff like that when she's out with a friend/SO/whatever.



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