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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

(The title is the title of the latest single from the Bloodhound Gang. If you don't get it, make an acronym for it.)

So, I'm back home from Portland. I did in fact add Oregon to the list of states I've had sex in (for the record, it stands at Arizona, California, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Mexico and England). But to be fair, I did "order in", as it were. Being at a tech conference, the ratio of women to men was already dismal, and most of them were already partnered to some degree. Plus, women have a hard-enough time getting taken seriously in this field, without risking their rep by having one-nighters at serious tech conferences. Trade-shows, maybe. But this event is heavier than that. Add to that that I wasn't really up for trolling bars, and paying for it seemed like the best way out.

Which isn't to say that there are not some truly beautiful women in the Portland area. I encountered no less that five blue-eyed redheads, a color combination I'm a real sucker for. My wanderings around to places like Powell's books also brought a lot of fine eye-candy into view. There was in fact one woman visiting friends-- she was English but currently living in Atlanta (?!?)-- whom I met at a restaurant. We seemed to click really well; had I been able to separate her from her two (male) friends, I'd have slipped her my cell number. Might not have led to anything, but at least I would have tried!

So, failing all that I went to plan "B"...

I started out by checking Craig's List, specificially the listings for erotic services in Portland. The first thing that struck me was just how much more spam there is there than in the similar section for the bay area (well, the bay area is divided into five sections, SF, pennisula, north, south and east bay, and to be fair I only ever check the south bay). The ratio seemed to be almost 1:1 during some periods of the day. I wonder if may there just aren't as many providers using CL up there, and that in fact the spam rate is the same, just not as much wheat to offset the chaff.

Anyway, after reading for a while, I decided to call upon someone who went by "Tall Brunette". There were several messages praising her not only for skill, but also for attitude and general considerateness. There were also a few messages claiming she was a rip-off, and that the positive messages were all really her. But for some reason, I decided to take a change. And thank goodness I did.

One thing that makes it nearly impossible to completely give up commercial sex, is that I have about a 90% success-rate at picking quality people to see. As if I just have a sense for when the good comments are made-up or not, when the person truly is as good as others suggest. This was no exception.

She arrived almost exactly on time-- indeed, I was still shaving after having showered, since I just assumed she'd be 5-10 minutes late. She smiled, hugged me, and left me to finish shaving. We chatted a bit (though talking and shaving with a disposable razor at the same time is no mean feat), and she made herself comfy-- by dropping her pants and coming back into the bathroom in just her panties and t-shirt. When I finished shaving, we kissed for the first time... I'd checked to make sure she wasn't a smoker, but I could tell she was an occassional toker. But that is something that I can live with-- doesn't affect the breath (or the taste) like "regular" smoking does.

We moved to the bed, and continued making out. It was a really relaxing thing... I felt like I was with someone I'd already been on several dates with. And she was in fact tall-- probably 5'10" or 5'11" without shoes. So we were matched up nicely... face-to-face, hips-to-hips and feet-to-feet. We kept kissing and plaing footsie until she decided we needed to be undressed. She seemed pleased with the erection I had to offer (or at least, she did a good job making me feel like it), and proceeded to perform some world-class oral.

After about 10 minutes of this, I suggested we try a little 69. She very shyly declined, saying she couldn't concentrate on anything else when she was being eaten. I didn't want to finish just yet, so I had her lay back and I took my turn. I could see what she meant-- she really seemed to enjoy being eaten. No, she was wild for it. The longer I went, the more she twisted and bucked. After about 8-10 minutes, she flexed her muscles such that she lifted herself off the bed, save for shoulders and feet. I stayed at it for nearly 5 minutes more. Acknowledging the possibility that she was faking, she at least seemed to have a solid 3 climaxes.

Alas, I wore myself out holding on to her while she was bucking around. I'd been on a flight the day before, and spent the day itself in tutorials (and running a lengthy errand on foot). I fizzled around this time, and was certain I was shot. BUT, lucky for me, she wasn't going to let what I did go unrequited. She proceeded to patiently nuzzle me for what seemed like 15 minutes or more, until I was hard again. And rather than risk me losing it during the time it would take to change positions and deploy latex (yes, I do accept the risk of unconvered oral), she just kept right going, going, going until I was gone.

In short, a wonderful time, well worth the effort on my part. If I'd had the time (and the money to spare), I'd have been glad to call her back for a second round later that week. But my cellphone died and I had to replace it, so I wasn't up for anymore unplanned expenses. Looking back, I kinda wish I'd let the cellphone go...


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