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Friday, November 18, 2005

The Other PBF

No, not the Perry Bible Fellowship, I mean Pussy-Blogging Friday. Plenty of female sex-bloggers write Cock-Blogging Wednesday posts, so I can play, too!

This is a little piece I like to call, "What my bisexual ex taught me about going down". It's nice and topical, since I leave in the morning for a week in Colorado. Since neither of us is in a serious relationship (she has a friends-with-benefits going on, but that's all), we plan to screw each other senseless, at least until Tuesday or Wednesday when Aunt Flo comes to visit in time for Thanksgiving. Not that we're opposed to playing in those conditions, but at least the first few days are generally extremely rough on her, for medical reasons.

(If only I knew of any interested readers in Denver!)

Anyway, let the descriptive begin...

I've said before, that the greatest lesson I got from P was patience... be patient with the woman, because some go off like a rocket, but some (most?) take time to get the motor running.

Following a close second, though, is this: don't be afraid of the pussy! Get down there and come face-to-face with it. Get close enough that she feels your breath on her outer labia. Not only does that tell her that you're close, it will contribute to the sensations turning her on. Be ready, and willing, to spend an hour or more down there before you can call the head complete. Odds are you won't have to. But if you're trying to rush things, she'll know that too. And it's an effective mood-killer.

My tongue is wide, as opposed to long. I can't lick my eyebrows (I can't even reach the tip of my nose), but when I flatten it out I can completely cover most outer labia. One of my favorite ways to start in on her, is to flatten my tongue and press it against the labia, dragging it slowly upwards until I'm able to flick the clit with the tip.

I like to treat cunnilingus as a complete course of seduction all by itself. I kiss the woman down there, and I'm not using that as a euphemism. I kiss her opening as though it were a mouth; I lightly probe with my tongue, I work the lips of my mouth against the lips of her pussy, as though it were her second mouth. I tease and nip at the "taint" like I would the tip of her chin. I kiss around the area, always working my way back to those wonderful lips.

Just hold that image in your head for a moment, make it a part of the way you regard the pussy.

Of course, there really isn't a parallel between the clit and the any part of the face. But that's OK, because I think about the clit as it's own distinct personality. I mean, every one is as different as the woman it's attached to. So I can't give a definitive approach to this, other than to recommend paying close attention to her-- her body will tell you if/when you're doing it right. Anything from dragging the rough surface of my tongue across it, to directly twiddling it with the tip of my tongue hardened like a finger. Sometimes, I just purse my lips and suck on it like it were a nipple.

I'm always torn at the moment of orgasm, though. Generally, I want to hold on and keep working on her for as long as she can take it. Sometimes, I like to climb up her body and plunge in to the hilt as her orgasm starts. When I decide to hold on and ride with it, I'll wrap my arms around her waist if I have to, to make sure I don't get thrown off. Whatever I do, I throw myself into it completely.

I guess I just have a love-affair with the vagina. I appreciate nice breasts, and flaired hips. But I could spend hours gazing upon and playing with a pussy, if the owner let me. Well, I'd start out gazing, but eventually I'd have to start playing with it again. It's just the way I am.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have packing to do...


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