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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm Way Too Shy To Have Just Done That

I had an optometrist appointment this morning (I've had these glasses about 8 years, and the lenses have finally gotten scratched). Now, I haven't written yet in this glorious new year, about how one of my goals is to be more social and out-going. That will come later (later today, or later this week).

Anyway, after the exam part, I'm sitting in the "boutique" part of the office as they try to find frames that stop just short of making me look like a total dork. As I am doing this, there's a cute Asian woman to my right doing the same thing. She keeps trying on the same two pairs, trying to decide. I happen to catch her eye, and nod vigorously at one pair over the other. (For the record, they really did look better than the others.) Right answer-- they were quite a bit cheaper than the others, and she was looking for an excuse to pick them (the saleslady was of course pushing the more expensive ones).

Holy shit-- it dawned on me I was actually flirting with this person.

I don't do that. I don't know how to do that. Many of you are probably thinking that I'm kidding, or just being too hard on myself. No. Part of my problem is that I have so little comfort in social-type situations. (Yeah, I'm past the 90-partner mark, but almost 2/3 of them were business transactions.) Generally, I have to be hit over the head to know when/if I'm being flirted with.

So back to this person. A little short (but then at 6'4", everyone is from my perspective), but really, really cute. And we seemed to have at least a little click over advising each other on frames-- I had turned the tables and asked her opinion on the 2-3 pairs I had narrowed my choices down to. And I picked the ones she preferred. While our respective sales-people were away doing paperwork, I actually introduced myself and asked her name. But when she was done, she said goodbye and off she went.

I hadn't gotten the courage to ask for a phone number, or give her mine.

So, in a burst of impulse totally alien to me, I walked up to where she was waiting to clear out with the office's receiptionist, and asked if she'd like to get together for a drink sometime. Gave her my cell number.

It was totally clumsy and awkward, and if she calls me I'll be about as shocked as Stephen Rea in The Crying Game. Because, you see, I just don't do that sort of thing...




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