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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

33 Days, 33 Posts: Day 16 - Oops

This post I've had to back-date by an hour or so, to make it fall on the correct date. I've slept pretty much all of today, except for a little bit earlier when I woke up long-enough to bathe, re-hydrate and check e-mail (and post the Valentine-thing). Should have just done the 33 Days post then, but I went back to sleep.

In other news, I had some intensely-sexual dreams last night. Figures, they come amidst high fevers. I had a nocturnal semi-emission, no less: I woke up at one point on the brink of orgasm, but it only leaked a little bit before the swelling subsided. It was kind of cool! My entire adolescence, I never had a wet dream. The only one I've ever had was my freshman year of college...

I still remember a lot about the dream itself. The woman was Asian, I remember that. At this point, I'd only dated other Caucasian women (and had the on-off affair with the black woman). Granted, I encountered a lot of Asian people in the engineering department, but I hardly fantasized about Asian women specifically. I remember her reaching up to me from the bed, pulling me down to her and pulling me into her. I remember there being kissing. But what I remember most, is that I was already fairly certain it was a dream (usually, when I realize I'm dreaming I can still stay asleep for a while and enjoy it), and it was the first time I could think of that I actually orgasmed in a dream. I remember thinking that it felt so good, when I came. Then her face faded and I woke up. Woke up kind of abruptly, too, due to the sudden damp stickiness around my shorts (a problem I've since solved by sleeping naked!). Fortunately, I was able to clean up and change and get back to sleep without waking my dorm-mate, who was even more sexually-obsessed than I was, and would have made a serious production out of it had he known. (Only weeks before, drunk on Wild Turkey, he'd confessed that he knew I was wanking with some frequency, and explained the ways in which he'd been keeping tabs on me. Yeah, that feeling you got just then from reading that? Pretty much how I felt at the time, too.)


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