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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

33 Days, 33 Posts: Day 10 - Double Digits, CBW & BJs

Wow! Ten days! To think, I only gave myself five days, six max.

It's Wednesday, and I haven't done a cock-blogging Wednesday post in a while. Over at la fille mariée, I commented on one of her posts where she was reflecting on how she wants to become the best she can possibly be at that most critical-to-the-advancement-of-humanity skills: the blowjob.

I offered my proverbial two cents' worth, but for CBW I just want to ruminate on the three best BJs I can remember. Since I have another 23 days to go before I can look forward to one, memories will have to be enough for now. Besides, my first nine posts have been whine, whine, whine, poor me wanting to wank and not letting myself. So here's some walking in my memories, some wonderful memories that I can call upon to keep me warm at nights...

First, and most recently, was one of the people I met during my "Craigslist experiment". I mentioned him in glowing terms at the time, but let's just be that much more explicit. As I mentioned, this guy has a tongue-stud. I love piercings. Especially when the piercing is working my hard-on. I don't buy the premise that gay men just naturally give better head... I've had head from men as mediocre as the most mediocre of head from women. That said, this is the best BJ I can remember. And it came from a guy. Make of that what you will. He didn't use his hands at all. It was all tongue and lips. He laid me on his bed, on my back, with my ass at the edge. He placed his hands on either side of my hips and lowered his face to my cock. It wasn't fully hard yet, so he took what I had to offer and started warming it up. It didn't take long to get it hard. Man, that stud felt amazing. He took me from tip to base, doing things I can't even put into words. I am not exaggerating when I say he spent over twenty minutes working me over. There were at least five times that I was sure I was about to explode, and each time he expertly stopped at just the right moment. Here's something he did, that was certainly augmented by the piercing, that drove me nuts: he would take it as deep as he could, then slowly withdraw, going even more slowly over the last few inches. That's not the special part, the special part is that for these last few inches, he pulled back (down and away from my crotch) in a way that normally would make the tip pop out of his mouth. But he used counter-pressure from his tongue to keep it in his mouth. The net effect was to create a level of suction and pressure that I had never felt before. Finally, finally he let me have my orgasm. And it was good.

Second one that comes, ahem, to mind... the first time I visited that sex worker who rocked my world. That post has a nice blow-by-blow (again, ahem) of our first time together, but here I'll just focus on the oral she graced me with. She's the one whom I've referred to before as having done a lot of rimming (I didn't know ahead of time that was coming, but thankfully I'd washed myself very thoroughly in my pre-session shower). Before she even took me in her mouth, she'd gotten me harder than I could (at the moment) remember with all the rimming. So when she finally took me in, I was sure I'd explode immediately. She went deep, deeper than I would have thought someone as petite as her could. She used her hands a little more than I usually like, but her tongue never stopped moving, so I barely noticed. God, I was so sure I was going to lose it sooner than I wanted to. Eventually, we stopped and moved on to straight sex. But later, after I'd had time to recover from my first orgasm, she started in on me again and refused to stop until I'd come from her oral attentions.

Thirdly (and for now lastly), I go back a good deal further to before I left Oklahoma for Colorado. It was the first time with someone I'd end up eventually living with and exploring in many more ways, with. But that first time, just stands out. To be fair, this is the more emotionally-vested of the three, so I'm probably embellishing it in my memory. But what I remember is how warm and wet her mouth was, that first time as she slowly took me in and inched her way down. She came closer to taking the full length than anyone before her had, and that last little inch or so of sensory input made me feel like I was going to die from the pleasure. I remember thinking that I had probably fallen asleep in front of the TV and was just having a dream-- after all, I was not the sort who manages to seduce the hot next-door-neighbor into a blowjob. But it was real, all right. I don't remember how long it lasted, but I do remember her taking the time to lick and nuzzle around the base of my cock, not just the balls. it was like she was getting a buzz from the musky scent between the base and the join of my legs to my groin. She swirled her tongue in little circles along the underside, stopping at that magical spot just underneath the head that drives me crazy, before sucking right there and trilling her tongue on the ridge of the glans. When I came, and boy did I come, she swallowed me completely. And when I passionately kissed her afterwards, I had unknowingly passed a secret test in my willingness to do so. Men: if you don't like the thought of kissing her after she's swallowed, you'd best remember that the alternative is that she never swallows again. Deal with it.

Enough for tonight.


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