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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Jon Stewart on Ted Haggard

Reacting to the "news" that ultra-gay-bashing former-Reverend Ted Haggard is now decidedly straight:

Sad news for the gays, as they're referred to: unfortunately, they've lost one of their own, this evening, Ted Haggard. The Evangelical preacher, whom you know was caught doing meth and blowing dudes, um, the Denver Post is reporting he is now COMPLETELY HETEROSEXUAL. He went through a three-week, very intensive... of course, a lot of people would say, "How did they do it? How did they turn this clearly, uh, gay man into a heterosexual?" It's very simple. You know when you were a kid, and your father caught you smoking? And, uh, then he decided to make you smoke a carton? Ahhh... Ted's been a busy boy.

(I was living in Denver when that mess first hit the news. And I take unfair satisfaction at seeing that sort of hypocrite get busted and exposed. It's a flaw of mine, I know.)


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