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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Back in the DNVR

Spending a few days in Denver, again. Just felt like getting away from California for a bit, and the ticket was cheap. My friend out here is trying to set me up with a female friend of hers... I kind of blew the first meeting pretty badly, though. We all had dinner this evening, but I didn't feel like I had any real chances at opening a conversation, and after the friend left, my host gave me grief over not talking to her more. I didn't sleep last night, and I had to do a lot of walking on my broken foot-- I had to go from one concourse to another in Phoenix, and pulled into the the one concourse at Denver's airport that doesn't have people-movers in it. So I was tired, my foot hurt like hell, and apparently I wasn't suitably flirty-enough. Better luck tomorrow, maybe. I mean, she's more than cute-enough, but she isn't someone I'd date on a long-term basis. And if I tap that, and then move out here, she may expect a longer commitment out of me...


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