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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Post Surgery

I realized from a comment by AAG, that I haven't updated to let people know how things are with the foot.

I had surgery on Friday (February 24th), and it was blissfully uneventful. Well, for the most part. The plan had been to put a single screw in place to hold to the parts of the broken bone together. That had to change-- there was a hairline fracture that hadn't shown up on the X-rays, that started to expand when they were drilling the channel for the screw. So I got a plate and three screws, for the price of just the one screw.

From my vantage point, it was in fact uneventful. As a chronic insomniac (check how many of my posts are as late as this one, or close to it), I find the thought of anesthesia very novel: I know that I will be unconscious in a matter of seconds, something I never have to count on when I'm actually in bed. Ahh, blissful anesthesia. The nice man put the oxygen mask over my face, and told me to breathe deeply and count the breaths. One breath. Two breaths. Oh look-- the recovery room. It almost makes me want to have surgery more often. Or date an anesthesiologist.

The foot itself is sore, still. I was a dumb-ass and didn't have my Vicodin scrip filled before surgery, so I had to do so afterwards. And since I was still numbed, I thought I was OK to walk around on it and get some groceries while they filled the prescription. That caused some unnecessary bleeding, and when they were to take the stitches out on Thursday, part of the suture area wasn't ready for that step. And only myself to blame.

I'll be on crutches another 3 weeks or so, and the franken-foot for a couple of weeks after that. But it already hurts significantly less in just one week. So I may yet run that Boston Marathon.

(I have no intention of ever running a marathon, unless I'm being chased by vicious carnivores with exceptional endurance.)


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