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Sunday, February 04, 2007

33 Days, 33 Posts: Day 7 - First Week Status

The first week is completed. I've gone from frenetic to almost zen-like in my regard for this.

First off, I've developed a new level of admiration for people like AAG who do regularly manage to post at least once per day. It's no mean feat, and I can only hope that after 33 days of it, it's become a habit for me.

Secondly, I welcome the new readers I've acquired this past week or so. Starting this project has had a sort of domino effect: as part of it, I've also been more inclined to check out new blogs as I see them linked in places like Fleshbot and Sugasm. That's led to me being moved to comment on the excellent writing I've encountered, and that in turn has brought new people here. I'm really happy to have found some really good new (to me) blogs (mentioned a few posts back), and I'm thankful for good feed-reader software so that I don't have to try and visit every site every day!

Thirdly (and lastly), I've had to reconsider many of my habits that are directly at odds with my goal. I've given up on visiting porn sites (like the video site I mentioned a few days ago) just as I've had to put away the porn I own. Likewise the trolling of Craigslist under the auspices of "just looking". As BBG said in a comment on yesterday's post:

They encourage alcoholics to Walk in Dry Places, I'm curious as to why you would continue to tempt yourself with sex blogs etc. while going through this?

I'm not, however, going to stop reading the blogs I enjoy. I read them for reasons far greater than just titillation.I mean, some of the best ones (like Violet Blue) are almost 100% news-and-goings-on oriented. (Of course, her podcasts are a whole different story, but those too are being saved for the time being until the 33 days are up.) What I read, I read because I enjoy it, not because it's wanking fodder. Well, not just because. And I like to keep current with the goings-on of these people, only two of whom I've ever met, because I'm genuinely interested in how life is treating them. So vow or no vow, I'm going to continue reading the blogs. (So DDG and Gracie, do your worst ;-)




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