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Monday, October 15, 2007

Lighter-Note Links

To offset the crankiness in the previous post, here are some recent links I've been enjoying and sharing with others:
  • Slow Jerk: I've watched this over and over, and still laugh my ass off at it. Might just be a guy thing, though. Video, might be marginally NSFW.
  • Tales of MU: An ongoing piece of fantasy fiction. Fairly typical reverse-world: science is the "great leap of faith", which magic and magical beings are common place. The writer weaves these elements in seamlessly, and very creatively (down to an argument about whether the magic spell that makes the light inside a fridge actually goes off or not when you close the door). There's very little explicit erotica in it, but the subtle sexuality that is present is hawt. It's mostly lesbian in nature, and very heavily leaning towards BDSM. Lot's of control, humiliation, spanking, etc. Some of the stuff I don't usually find that hot in other erotica, but this writer is, well, let's just say gifted.
Thought I had more, but I can't find the other's in my history or bookmarks...


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