Diary of An Unrepentant Sex Addict

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I Could Do With Some More of That, Please

I have this, errr, condition that occassionally inflicts me. I wake up in the morning, and shortly thereafter get aroused. Not just normally aroused, mind you, but iron-wrapped-in-velvet hard. As Wilford Brimley said in Cocoon, "Blue steel. Cat couldn't scratch it."

The catch is, when I get like this in the morning, there is no real relief to be had. The number of times I've actually been able to get off in this particular state, I can count on one hand. And most mornings I just hop in the shower and let it go away on its own accord. I could play with it a little, and often do, but it's usually a given that nothing comes of it. A perfectly good boner, wasted.

But this morning, I wasn't alone. My new friend had stayed the night. And while we both had other things we needed to be doing, how can we let something like that go to waste? I warned her that I almost certainly wouldn't orgasm, and that with the added factor of the condom, I probably wouldn't go even semi-soft as long as we kept at it. Oddly-enough, this failed to deter her. So we made the most of it. In the end, it came down to:

Me: Do you wanna stop now?
Her: We should get going, I guess.
Me: Yeah.
Her: OK, one more orgasm, then we'll stop.
Me: Sure thing!

I could use more mornings like that. And maybe a few evenings, too. Afternoons would be nice, but there's not a lot of privacy around my office.