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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

New York, Performance Art, Bloggers

Alas, my time here in NYC has thus far been too busy to get into much trouble. That should hopefully change tomorrow evening.

Last night, I traveled to the Knitting Factory to see the Sex Workers Art Show. While there, I got to meet Waking Vixen in person, after an exchange of e-mails (it was her that led me to the show). She introduced me to Cherry Bomb, who's blog I've only just started reading (but will probably soon join the link-roll on the right). The show was a treat, and not just because there were several bay-area performers on the bill. On my way out, I picked up a few issues of $pread Magazine, which WV works on and promotes tirelessly. I've read the first issue through cover-to-cover. I like it a lot, enough that it deserves a separate post later on.

All in all, enjoying myself. The broken foot is slowing me down (brilliant plan, this-- going to the most pedestrian-oriented city in the U.S. with a broken foot), but I'm getting around. And I have two more nights yet, to get myself into some sort of memorable trouble.


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