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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

33 Days, 33 Posts: Day 24 - Celebrity Crushes

I've mentioned it in passing before, but I tend to crush on celebrities, actors in particular. I'm a huge movie buff, so it stands to reason that I'd be partial to them.

Most of my crushes make perfect sense, are even passé at this point-- I was drooling over Angelina Jolie the minute I saw her in Hackers and had subsequently rented Cyborg 2. And while I've been weak in the knees for Kate Winslet ever since Heavenly Creatures and Jude, my fan-cred is diminished by the fact that not even the promise of her breasts would get me to see Titanic. (But let's be fair: in Jude, you get full-frontal. What did I need to see Titanic for? I already knew that the boat was going to sink.)

Not all of them make as much sense. For example, I'm totally ga-ga over Bai Ling. She's everything I don't generally like in a woman: petite, rail-thin, almost completely flat-chested. But something about the attitude she gives off. From the first thing I saw her in (The Crow), to one of the cheesiest vampire movies ever to go straight to video (which is saying a lot in that sub-genre), The Breed. And then there was the Playboy layout. Woof. The only issue of Playboy I still own. I usually get the issues with notable celebrities in them... Belinda Carlyle, Shannon Doherty, Tiffany (the '80s singer), etc. But even when I was getting rid of stuff last year, I kept this one. And please, it's just Playboy, it's not like she's going all split-beaver for Hustler or High Society. That said, I rubbed more out to her issue than probably all of the others combined. (Except, maybe, the two that Vanity appeared in. I should have kept them, as well.)

She was a guest on tonight's episode of "Lost". And just as sexy as ever, even flashing a tattoo in one scene. Then, to keep the theme going, I got around to watching this week's episode of "The L Word" off my DVR, and was treated to (naked) guest appearances by Sandrine Holt and Kristanna Loken. Not necessarily big crushes, but I'm sure as hell not complaining. Ms. Lokken's nipples that were cleverly covered by hair in Terminator 3? Very nice. That she was in a sex scene with one of the female principles didn't hurt (hey, I'm just as entranced as the next male).

Luckily, I put the Playboy out of reach with the other porn.


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