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Monday, February 05, 2007

33 Days, 33 Posts: Day 8 - Today Was Just Too Easy

You know what else will help you curb your sexual appetites? Depression.

External forces beyond my control brought me into the dumps today. I know I shouldn't let these things have that effect (see the "beyond my control" part), but they do. I worry about people and things. And my situation since moving back here hasn't been as elegant as I had thought it would be, what with the boost in salary over my last position. I suppose if my readership climbs enough, I can always go the AdSense route (not meaning that sarcastically, either-- several of my favorite blogs are AdSense subscribers so I figure I'll at least be in good company).

But between that, and having my weekly Russian Language lesson (eh, it's another long story, but I'm trying to learn Русский), I just never had the chance to worry about it, today. (No thanks to BBG, whose posts on MILFblog and her own blog were quite... inspiring. You'll be getting e-mail from me later this week.)

And, on a completely separate note: Hello to any new readers who found their way here from Sugasm. I recently submitted one of my posts (the start of this 33 Days project), and I am thrilled to have been included in Sugasm #65. Seriously-- to be included on my first time trying is an honor, guys. Thanks.


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