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Monday, August 07, 2006

Time Flies Like an Arrow

(...and fruit flies like a banana.)

If I waited until tomorrow to post this, it would be exactly 5 months since my last post. This is not hardly what I had in mind when I started doing this.

So, where do I begin with the excuses and apologies? The circumstances are that my foot required not one but two surgeries; the second one delayed my move from California back to Colorado (Denver); problems with paperwork have meant that I'm still in the U.S., and not in London like I was expecting. But the truth of the matter is that I've been riding emotional ups and downs, and just haven't had anything to write about, let alone the emotional motivation to write.

I was in Kansas City, MO, this past weekend. Alas, I was there for a convention geared towards a very male-dominated hobby, so I wasn't able to add Missouri to my list of "states I've had sex in". (Somewhere, there's a site that lets you tick off the ones you have copulated in, and creates a map of it. But I can't find the link with any amount of Google-fu.) During that time, the person behind one of my favorite blogs was outed in relation to the book she wrote. I was very saddened for her when I heard; it's not just in America that silly throw-back attitudes towards sex make life unnecessarily difficult for women. I hope this smooths out for her without her being subjected to waves of crazies. The author of the newspaper story (not deserving of a link) didn't need to reveal her real name. But when has that ever stopped someone?

So, the late-breaking news is that my work permit for the UK has finally been approved, despite the delays caused by my making mistakes in my initial applications, and my prospective employer having problems when they decided to sponsor me instead. Optimistically, I could be in London by the end of the month, though I think this time next month is more likely.

And none the sooner...


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