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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Back to Familiar Ground

It looks like I'll be going back to California, rather than immigrating to England like I had planned. It's been a torturous decision for me, literally the toughest of my life. And when I think about it, I'm pretty thankful that this is in fact the toughest decision I've ever faced.

I was in London last week, interviewing. I missed seeing, for drinks, someone whose writing I greatly admire. Alas, I could tell that given the situation it wouldn't have mattered if I could have contacted her weeks in advance, as her prior plans were set well in advance. I did have a date, though, that went well. It's a shame that I won't be going back, as we hit it off so well.

But, that's the way the cookie crumbles, for now at least. Back to the bay, and back to that dating scene. I feel very different, now, though. I feel like I've missed the bay area so much since leaving, that I have an appreciation for it now that I lacked before. I feel like I have it within me to be more purposeful and self-assured. Before, I felt like I would someday return to Colorado, so I didn't try very hard at relationships out there. Now, having been in Colorado for a few months, I know this isn't going to be the place I retire to. Maybe my future home is someplace I haven't been yet, or maybe I'll just comfortably settle in California. I don't know, and right now I'm not worried about it. For now, I just have to plan my return (within the parameters of when the new company wants me to start my job).

(Posted from Mesa, Arizona, aprés turkey. Two Thursdays ago, I was in Mt. View, CA. Last Thursday, I was in London, England. Tonight, Mesa, AZ. Travel can be fun, but this much in so short a span of time sucks the asses of sweaty pack mules.)


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