Diary of An Unrepentant Sex Addict

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

33 Days, 33 Posts: Day 9 - Despair Sets In, and More Links

First, some new links on my blogroll. I swear, it seems like as soon as I swear off of orgasms for a month I find dozens of super-hot blogs I'd not seen before. Just added to the roster:

  • la fille mariée - Her writing is just hot. Simple as that.
  • Polyamorously Perverse - A very loving look as this couple starts exploring poly.
  • We Could be Naked - She's got just the kind of body I like, and she loves and writes about porn. What more could I want? (Except for her to be closer.)

Aside from that, I confess that things have gotten worse but not for the usual reasons. See, like most addicts, I tend to turn to my drug-of-choice when I get really down in the dumps. And these last few days have been tough. Funny thing is, the temptation is to find a partner of some sort-- I'm not really tempted to wank. Luckily, my tight budget has kept me honest. But the closer it gets to V-Day, the worse I imagine the depression will get.

Make no mistake-- I am delighted beyond measure to read about/hear about people having wonderful, amazing sex (and lots of it). But sometimes, sometimes, I just can't help being jealous. Eh, never mind me... it'll pass in a few.


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