Diary of An Unrepentant Sex Addict

Friday, March 02, 2007

33 Days, 33 Posts: Day 33 - Wow

I can't believe I've made it. Granted, I had help in the form of being sick for nearly a week. And I had a semi-wet dream at one point. And let's be clear: I handled myself plenty, I just never allowed myself to orgasm. I couldn't help it-- when laying awake at night with a raging boner, I have to hold it.

I'm not sure, to be honest, what I've learned from this (except that I don't think I want to try it ever again). I'm going to sleep on it, and write an epilogue tomorrow. But first, I do want to thank everyone for the words of encouragement. It really helped more than you would think. Plus, it's just nice to know you're being read and that people enjoy reading you. Again, thanks.

(No, even though it is now officially the 3rd, I haven't wanked yet, because I still want to actually be engaged in sex with another person when I break this fast. To that end, I'm going to sleep before I get any bright ideas...)




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